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BE AWARE!!!!!!!
Do not be fooled? Puppymills are everywhere?
Know the warning signs.
If they own and breed more than one type of dog.
If they won't let you see the parents
If they won't let you see where the pups were raised
If the price is to good to be true
If they have a steady add in the paper for many breeds
If they don't want to answer questions.

This is a puppy mill!!!!!!

Here dogs are locked three to a cage, usualy two females to one male.

They are breed every heat with usually no vet checks.

And If there is complications with the pregnancy or delivery they are left to die.

A puppy prayer

Dear lord why have you forgot about me?

What have I done to deserve this?

All I ever wanted was someone to love me!

Oh God !! Why!!!

It's so lonely here and cold. And I'm always hungry

Dear God I have puppys on the way again. How will I feed them? I'm to weak ......

God please help me!!!!!!!


Remember me.....