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The Pekingese breed is often refered to as the "lion dog" The Pekingese originated in China very long ago in the first century A.D. It was during the conversion to Buddhism of the Emperor Ming Ti that the new symbol of the religion was the lion, however, In all of China there were no lions. This created a problem. Until one individual noted that nothing resembled the lion more than the Emperor's little Pekingese dog. Throughout this period Pekingese were bred selectively, they were breed more and more to resemble the lion. The Pekingnese were unable to leave the palace walls and were considered very valuable. There were harsh punishments for removing these dogs. One such punishment as recorded in "The Lion Dog of Pekin", was death by stoning for the person responsible for the dog's removal.
"A fearless Companion of Honorable Ancestry"

If there is one thing I know for sure is that there are a hundred and one different characteristics wraped into a 10 pound bundle of fur. Where to begin seems to be the question? Pekingese are the aristocrats of the dog world. They are both loveable and stubbern. Both haughty and bold. They are NOT bad tempered as so many are lead to believe. They are quite the opposite. They are always willing to please and quite the show-offs. They are great watchdogs, always alerting you of strange things or people. They never back down regardless of there size they show no fear toward other animals or people. They are also the ultimate lap dog. Always wanting your attention and praise. They are quite content setting in your lap. They are happy just to be near you.. They love to go places, and see things. Their characteristics are to a great extent formed by their owners, for they seem to sense your every mood. Usually there is one member of the family that the pet is more fond of and will obey more readily. These tiny dogs are very clean and love to show their coats off after a bath. They walk with pride holding their heads high as to say to the world ' look at me' Pekes can be haughty with strangers, but it soon does not take them long to make up once they are convinced of your good intentions. One fascination of the Peke's character is that you never know quite what they are thinking.
The Perfect Pekingese
AKC is one of the oldest and most recognised of the breed clubs. It's standards were developed to aid in the breeding of purebreds. It is important to know the Pekingese breed standard if you plan on showing your dog. If you do not plan on showing it you still might want to read up on what attributes that exemplify the perfect pekingese. You can get a copy of these standards buy writing to the AKC or visiting their web site.

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