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The story of the lion and the marmset

Once ago in a far away land there was a magical kingdom where just about everything was perfect. The land was green, the food was plentiful, and the animals that dwelled there were happy. They had a great lion king, and though he was brave and fearless he was also merciful and kind. He ruled the land with gentle paws, and all that knew him loved him. Many of his servants brought gifts to him, to show their gratitude for all he had done. One day a young marmoset entered the majestic castle bringing fresh fruit for the king. She kneeled before him saying " Your grace I have brought you a gift from my father, he wishes to thank you for all you have done for our family. It means much to us to know that our king is kind and understanding." She then looked up at the great manned lion. Her large dark eyes meeting his. Then a strange thing happened. The lion felt his heart plunge deep within his chest. Those eyes….He had never seen such beautiful brown eyes. He collected his thoughts and said. "Thank you little marmoset, what is your name?"She was bewildered by his question for even though the king was a kind king he had never asked for anyone's name. They were always refereed to as his servants. She began to tremble in fear, for why would a great king want to know her? She was no one just a peasant. She found courage to answer.." I am Miranda, your highness." "Miranda" What a lovely name. "Miranda how would you like to take a walk with me? I will show you my castle" What was he doing? What would the gods think of him? He didn't know the answer but he knew that his heart was reaching out to the marmoset called Miranda. And so they walked through the palace talking and listening to each other's thoughts, and the more they talked the more in love he fell. Miranda was beginning to feel the same thing, her small heart was beating so hard that she thought for sure the king could see her chest moving. Oh why was she feeling this way? He was a king and non-the less a lion. It was impossible!!! And yet she could dream…. "Well Miranda how do you like the castle?" "I like it very well your highness" she replied. "You can come back and visit me anytime you like." Said the lionMiranda looked up at him her eyes as big as ever. His heart jumped a thousand times and then he said, "Stay with me…." Miranda didn't know what to say…. For here was the great king asking her to live with him… Her heart wanted to say yes but her mind spoke the truth "Oh lion it could never work" and she ran out of the castle tears running down her face. The great king was heart broken for he so loved her. I will petition the gods !! He said to himself they will listen they just have to. And so he went to the gods and petitioned them to make him small enough to be with his love, yet still retain his brave heart and lion sized nobility. And did the gods grant him his wish? That they did. For you see the offspring of the little marmoset and the great lion is what we now know as the pekingese- a dog with the size and face of the little monkey, and the mane and heart of a lion.

By Letha Walter