Common concerns
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Eye diseases
1) CONJUNCTIVITIS the eye may be red and swollen: tearing and watering; purulent(pus) discharge especially on awakening.

TREATMENT: Wiping away matter and mucus, remove any hairs or eyelashes on the eyeball. Apply antibiotic drops in the eyes every two to three hours and apply before bed. Treatment is gradually reduced

2) DISEASE OF THE LIDS styes, like small boils.

TREATMENT Hot compresses of plain water for ten minutes or longer followed by antibiotic, 2 to 3 times a day.

3) DISEASE OF THE CORNEA The most important and most common of the eye diseases. This is due to their large eyes. Because of the sensitivity of the cornea it is possible for the dog to have a severe ulcer and still keep his eye wide open. This is sometimes viewed best in bright light, it is a grey discoloration of the cornea under the ulcer and sometimes white pus in the anterior chamber.

TREATMENT Small ulcer 1 or 2 mm, use antibiotics three times a day. Larger than 2mm use Hyoscine or Atrophine drops once daily. Guard against medicine running into mouth it is toxic. several ulcers Use Atropine drops three times a day, hot compresses for 15 min. every two to three hours followed by antibiotic drops which in turn are followed in five minutes by antibiotic ointment. Seek professional help.

4)PIGMENTARY DEGENERATION OF THE CORNEA .Brown or black pigment which may cover the cornea.

There is no known treatment.

5)GLA UCOMA large pupil, hazy cornea and hard eye balls gives tempory relife, disease responds poorly to medication.

6)CATARACT the pupil, instead of being black, becomes white or grey. This is very uncommon in pekes but can occur.

TREATMENT removing the opaque lens.

7)PROPTOSIS OF THE EYEBALL eyeball is bulged forward with lids in back of it. The dog is in pain. This is caused by dog fights or holding a peke to tightly around the head.

TREATMENT apply an oinment or vaseline to eye and push the eye back in place gently. This is an emergency. If more than a few minutes go buy the dog could loose its eye.Seek a vet

  These diseases and treatment were taken down from "The Pekingese Book by Marie Katz " Copyright 1962 by T.F.H. Publishers, Inc. Always seek the advice of a vet before performing any treatments