To breed or not to breed?
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Letting your Peke have puppies is both rewarding and fun, but should never be undertaken without serious thought. You will not profet financially, when you take into the consideration, food and vet bills and the inconvenience that is sometimes involved. FAR TOO MANY UNWANTED PUPPIES ARE PRODUCED by irresponsible owners. Make sure you can sell your puppy at the going rate and not just cheap to get rid of them. This just increases the amount of unwanted dogs that pack the walls of the animal shelter. Most of these animals are needlesly but to rest. And breeding for poor stock does no one any good. It just causes sickness and alot of pain and suffering on the animals part and the owners.

If you decide to breed be knowledgable
Pregnancy and birth causes a major metabolic change in the female. She should be physically fully mature and should be spared her first heat. Also be aware that Pekes sometimes need help with the delivery of their young do to their large head. Make sure your male and female are compatable both geneticly and phisically. This is very important to insure the health of the female and also the puppies. Discuss it with the breeder of your own dog and also your vet. Read all you can about the Pekingese and again ask questions.. Go in knowledgable so you know what to expect.

The mating cycle
Some breeders say that ten days after the beginning of the discharge is the best time for mating. others prefer 12 days. If you are using a stud dog take your female to him rather than the other way around. Most females are aggressive on home territory when introduced to a new male. And it is the male who needs to be assertive in this situation.

When time comes to sell your puppies please use a non breeding contract to help insure a good life for your new fur-babys