Coat color
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Pekingese come in many colors:
ranging from whites,creams,tans,blacks,many shades of fawn,reds,sables,brindles,blacks with white,blacks with gray,fawn or red markings.

How genetics come to play
The study of heredity is genetics. Through the study of genetics it has been found that sometimes one gene will be different than its partner. For example a dog may have one gene which produces a black coat, and another which produces a mixture of black and white. These genes are known as dominiant, those that are overpowered are known as recessive. If two parties are mated, only parties will be produced, however if two blacks are mated,each caring a gene for parti, then you may get the result of partis. It is all a game of chance. . The expectancy of this will usually be 25 percent.
The color chart
BICOLOR: A coat of two distinct colors

BRINDLE: An even mixture of dark,with light. Usually resulting in a striped,tigerlike coat.

GRIZZLED:A roan pattern, usually a mixture of black and grey, or red and white.

HARLEQUIN: Black patches on white.

MERLE: A mottled, marbled look, usually red or black.

PARTI-COLORED: Variegated patches of two or more colors.

PIEBALD: Patches of black or white or two other colors.

ROAN: Even mixtures of white and another color.

SABLE: Back tips on gray, fawn, or brown hairs.

TICKED: Small areas of black or other dark colors on white.

TRICOLOR: Three distinct colors, usualy black, white, and tan.

WHEATEN: pale fawn colred, sometimes appearing almost yellowed.